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PĂȘche foods is a fish processing factory in Kisumu, Kenya, and specializes in fresh water fish. The factory is 1.5km form Kisumu International Airport and 3.5km from the Kisumu City Center.

PĂȘche foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mayfair Holdings Ltd.


Processes involved

  • Raw Material Reception

    Once Caught the Fresh Nile perch is carefully iced and stored in our well Maintained and insulated trucks for transport to our factory. Once at the factory the vehicles are washed before offloading. During offloading we take random fish samples from the truck in order to ascertain that the fish is within temperature range.

  • Fish Washing

    The whole fish is then placed on wash tables which have running water. Our team of trained washers then go to work thoroughly scrubbing the gills and the fish body. This is done so as to remove all grit, fish mucus and leaves that may be on the fish.

  • Grading and weighing

    Trained staff then use electronic scales to grade the fish individually after which each grade is weighed and iced awaiting filleting.

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