The fish we process is caught in the clear and tranquil waters of Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake in the world. It is straddled on all sides by three East African countries Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Our Factory is based in Kisumu, Kenya which is on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is strategically based 1.5 Kilometers from Kisumu International airport and 3.5 Kilometers away from the city Center.
Fish once caught is carefully iced and delivered to the Factory by our fleet of well Maintained trucks. Once in the factory the fish is then carefully washed and graded then iced in order to maintain freshness awaiting filleting. Filleted fish is then carefully inspected by our team of trained and experienced inspectors who carry out thorough organoleptic assessment on all fillets individually. Our product range is as follows:

Chilled skinnless Nile Perch fillets
Chilled Nile perch Fillets are processed according to client requirements and specifications such as Belly Flap and skin off, red meat trimmed, pin bone in or out, once chilled the fillets can also be individually poly bagged. Packing is done in Styrofoam boxes of either 3 KG or 6 KG. Fillet size range is from 200 grams to 2000 grams.

Frozen skinless Nile Perch fillets
Frozen skinless Nile perch fillets have size ranges between 300 grams to 3000 grams per fillets. Belly flap and skin off, pin bone in or out, quick or block frozen. All our frozen skinless Nile perch fillets are individually poly bagged and packed in either 6 KG or 10 Kg printed waxed cartons. Specifications and requirements vary depending on the client’s preference.

Chilled headless and gutted Nile Perch
This product consists of a whole Nile perch with its head off, descaled, fins off and gutted. Once poly bagged and chilled they are packed in 20KG Styrofoam Boxes. Size grades range from 2 KG to 4 KG and 4 KG to 7 KG depending on customer requirements.

Chilled Nile Perch portions
This product consists of skinless Nile Perch fillets with the pin bone out, portioned into various grades such as 5 ounce, 6 to 7 ounce and 8 ounce portions depending on customer specification and requirements. The portions are then individually poly bagged and chilled. Packing can be done in either 3 KG or 6 KG Styrofoam Boxes.

Chilled Nile Perch loins
Nile Perch loins are skinless fillets with the pin bone out. Poly bagging can be done at the customer’s request. Once chilled the Nile perch loins can be packed in either 3KG or 6KG Styrofoam boxes.

Chilled Nile Perch steaks
This unique product is prepared from whole Nile perch Fish, Carefully washed, Descaled, fins off, Skin on, gutted, with the bones in. the fish is then cut into steaks of various thickness such as 1 Inch thick or 1.5 Inch thick. Once chilled the steaks are backed in 6KG Styrofoam boxes.

Frozen Nile Perch fish maws
Our Nile perch Fish maws are carefully detached from the fish frame, cleaned and washed they are then block frozen and packed in 6KG waxed boxes. Grades Range from 50grams up.